Michael Rinard
Vice President

Mr. Rinard has a forty year history in the retail and wholesale building material distribution business. During his professional career he owned and operated numerous operations in Idaho, Nevada, Kentucky and Tennessee where he served in various capacities. Most recently as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Lumber King Incorporated of Kentucky and is still active on the board of directors. Michael excels in business management and has a special interest for numbers, income statements and balance sheets. Born in southern Idaho Michael has a wife, five children and twelve grandchildren and loves spending time with family. Other interests include flying airplanes, helping people and now animal nutrition. mike@genesisfeedproducts.com

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David Hickok
Ph.D.of Science & Technology
President and CEO

Dr. Hickok spent his early years on the Nebraska Sandhills ranch where  he was born and developed a love for working with cattle.  After high school and an AAS Degree in Animal Science, he worked in several livestock and farming operations to decide his direction in agriculture. He graduated from the University of Nebraska with a BS degree in Animals Science, with an emphasis in Meat Science. He graduated with a MS degree from Kansas State University in Quantitative and Population Genetics before returning to the University of Nebraska and graduating with a PhD in Ruminant Nutrition with an emphasis on availability of micronutrients.  He spent two years working as a dairy nutritionist in Nebraska before moving to Idaho in 1998. Since moving to Idaho, he has been a dairy nutrition and management consultant, but he was also instrumental in identifying high quality products that could fill a need for his clients and helping to market those products. He has been associated with these products for about 20 years and has helped to develop new products in the product line. He enjoys discovering the science behind these products and nutrients and developing new products for the dairy industry, traveling internationally to discover other ways to manage dairy animals. In his free time he is active with the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce, The Twin Falls Optimist Club and Foundation, and Amazing Grace Fellowship.

Kiersten Paul

National Commodities Sales Manager
New York Sales Office

Kiersten has eleven years of experience in the agricultural feed industry. She has knowledge of day-to-day operations on everything from logistics to working directly with clientele ranging from small dairies to large global feed corporations. She can source and supply grains, feeds and byproducts for a variety of customers from poultry to dairy, and also processing plants. She can help with distribution as well as supplying. Although her specialty is soy products, especially oil, her knowledge on feed commodities continues to grow daily. She is always eager to start a new project and not afraid to jump into an opportunity that may be new to her. While located in our east based office in upstate NY her portfolio expands nationally and she is comfortable working in any region. Kiersten has a strong belief that there is always a commodity that a company would like a better price point on and she is dedicated to helping to try to hit that target.